All-Purpose Bio Cleanser

Taiyo All-Purpose Bio Cleanser is a plant-based cleansing solution that originates from Japan. Our product contains natural ingredients such as plant base extract and organic compounds found in nature. As such, it is safe to be used in many areas of our daily lives. With this multi-purpose cleanser, all other cleansing solutions can be replaced with just Taiyo in mind


Taiyo All-Purpose Bio Cleanser is gentle to the hands yet dynamic enough to clean off many of our daily common microorganisms. It is able to wash away microbial attachments on any surfaces, hence keeping the surfaces free from bacteria, viruses and mould.


Microbial is bacteria and viruses like Escherichia coli, staphylococcal, MRSA, Shingles, Salmonella, Mould, Influenza, HFMD etc.. They strive to multiply and grow at optimum PH range between 6-8. At high alkaline environment created by Taiyo All-Purpose Bio Cleanser, these bacteria and viruses will be destroyed as their membrane will be greatly affected.


Saving Lives

Safe and Biodegradable

Our product is safe and biodegradable. With its natural ingredients, it is gentle to the hands and can even be used as a sanitizer. Use it! Feel it! Experience it! You are sure to love it!

Disinfect & Deodorize

Taiyo Disinfect & Deodorize All-Purpose Bio Cleanser is made from natural ingredients such as plant-based extract and organic compounds found in nature. As such, it is safe for daily use.

Natural Cycle

Let’s go green, save the world! Support eco-friendly products for a better health and environment, for our family and for the society! Let us play a part.


Saving Lives


Laboratory Testing have shown that Taiyo All Purpose Bio Cleanser can effectively eliminate General Bacteria, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcal and Salmonella instantly.


I am very selective on what I use on my skin as I have Super sensitive and eczema skin. Upon using the solution, my itch stopped quite immediately meaning it’s really disinfecting and also no redness on my skin! Next, I started to use it to clean all my door Knobs without wearing any gloves. Surprisingly my door Shines after the cleaning.  Thumbs up!

Till today, my palm has no redness, no swelling or itchiness.  I would highly recommend this plant base product to all especially those with super sensitive skin like me!

Josephine Ng

Real Estate, Orange Tee

I use it on my home gas stove to remove stubborn stains and found it more effective than others. The disinfectant is used to remove the tile stains in my bathroom and also to deodorize and disinfect my pillows! I gave this as a gift to my chiropractor and she likes the fact that the disinfectant is odour free. Very good for her air-conditioned workplace.

Chef Allan Ho

F&B Consultant, Ho Culinary Advice Pte Ltd

Everytime when I need to refill the ink for my inkjet printer, I mess up my fingers with inks all over. No matter how I wash with the soap, even immediately, I have never been able to get my fingers cleaned.
Here I went again last night, I had to refill the ink. Here I went again, messed up my fingers with inks. I ran to the kitchen, wanted to wash my fingers. Then I came across with the Taiyo disinfectant, and I sprayed on my so called black and colorful fingers, wiped with paper towel, and my eyes were wide open and speechless. Clean… it literally cleaned up like not even one dot on my fingers. This is it, this disinfectant is a total winner. I am super happy.


Director, Mussen Pte Ltd

One of the things I do with my teenage girl is actually to polish her Red Cross uniform boots. Each time when we polish the boots, we will get our hands dirty with Kiwi, the shoe polish. And it is a very stubborn stain to remove from hands, fingers, many will know, especially guys.

But on this particular night, after polishing, I used Taiyo’s solution to clean my hands and… the stains came off so easily! I did not expected it and realised it is really good for removing stain, and importantly, it is plant based.

I recommend home makers to have a bottle of the cleanser for those stubborn stains they encounter on a regular basis.

Desmond Teo

Director, IT Answers Pte Ltd

I like to drink red wine and accidentally spills on my shirt. Just gotten this disinfectant from my friend and asked my wife to try it out and amazingly it works! The stain is easily washed off.

Andy Tay

Business Development Manager

My son runs and sweats a lot. I tried it on his shoes and sweaty shirts. After a while, the stink is really gone! I am really surprise.

Caroline Wee


I applied the disinfectant on my living room floor. All along there’s a slight dark patch between my kitchen entrance and my island table. Very easily, the dirt came off! I didn’t need to use much strength either, and the dirt came off! 😅

Pauline Quek

Director, Appetizer Catering Pte Ltd

I like Taiyo products, particularly the Plant Based All Purpose Bio Cleanser. As hygiene and safety are utmost important for the childcare centre environment, the food safe disinfectant gives us a peace of mind when we use it to clean the tables, toys and learning resources. It also helps us to position and market our centres as a Healthy Preschool.

Moses Ng

Director, Carpe Diem Preschool

The hand sanitizer is gentle on the hand. I love the scent!

The Taiyo Disinfectant and Deodorizer is gentle on the hands and smells great!

It does a good job on removing stubborn stains on various surfaces. Love the natural feel it brings!

Thank you 🙏

Has A.R

Founder, Positive Focus Pte Ltd

My family takes chilli at every meal. After using Taiyo disinfectant, the stinging touch after the chilli cut never bother me anymore! I can touch those sensitive areas like nose and eyes anytime!! Amazing product!

Chris Tay


The Taiyo Disinfectant and Deodorizer is very effective in removing stubborn stains and also leaves a nice smell after wiping the tables in my bistro. I also find the sanitiser very gentle to the skin and similarly, the smell is very well-liked by my customers. These two products definitely lived up to their standards.

Winston Tan

Director, Mini Mouths

The Taiyo All Purpose Cleanser cleans really well and especially good at removing stains and smell. what me and my wife love most about it is that I do not have to worry about harmful chemicals that my 3 cats may accidentally ingest. Highly recommend for households with pets or young kids!

Bernard Fung

Financial Consultant

Taiyo is odourless and plant base product. My kids like to cook and I make them clean after they use my kitchen. I can have a peace of mind especially when they clean my cooking stove as we don’t want any chemical stain to be left over in this area. I am happy that it is food safe.

And most importantly, it is alcohol free and not combustible, hence is safe.

David Wong

Financial Advisor

我是一名理发师。这个消毒产品非常好,剪刀梳子是我每天必用的工具,为了客户的安全, 我都会使用这Taiyo 植物清洁剂来消毒。因为我工作的关系,我每天都要喷很多次。这产品不会伤害我的皮肤,喷起来不会这样干。以往我用过其它产品皮肤会干和裂。我也把它用来喷鞋子,因为是植物清洁剂,我可以安心使用。“

I am a professional Hair Stylist. This product is very useful to me. In my line of work, scissors and combs are daily tools for me. For the safety of our customers, we disinfect our tools very often using Taiyo Plant Base All Purpose Cleanser. I have been using this product for a while and it didn’t hurt my skin and I feel moisturized. I had used other products before but they made my skin dry and resulted in cracked skin. Knowing that this is a plant base product with no chemical, I am assured of its safe level and even used it to deodorise my shoes.


理发师, SoulScissors Studio

The Taiyo Disinfectant and Deordorizer has been especially useful for me in a unique way because I have 2 rabbits and they are unfortunately not really toilet trained. So every time we let them out of the cage they will pee and poo everywhere. If we don’t remove the pee and poo AND ALSO remove the smell and stain of the pee, they will keep going back to the same spot to pee again and again. Thankfully with Taiyo’s disinfectant and deordorizer this is so painless as I just need to spray on the area of pee and poo and wipe it away and they have never come back to the same spot to do their business. It is so effective and I will definitely recommend it to not only owners of rabbits but any owners of pets who like to mark their territory with pee (e.g. dogs , cats etc) And most importantly it’s Food Safe and Plant based, so if in case my rabbit accidentally licks it, it won’t kill my rabbits.
Thank you for this wonderful product! Will definitely buy more from you! 😄

Daren Tan

Performance Artiste, Music Coach and Voice Over Artiste, DAREN MUSIC



Living Room





Education Centre



Cigar / cigarette smell

Chili Spice

Wine Stain

Hand Phone




Ants Trail


Taiyo sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol and is able to remove 99.9% of bacteria, germs and other harmful pathogens. As recommended by WHO, sanitizer with 70% or more can effectively eliminate a wide array of potentially microorganism on body surface.

With our special curated formula, we provide a moisturing, limited edition fragrance sanitizer to keep you safe from all germs at all times.

 Enjoy feeling sanitized and bacteria free.

Taiyo, Saving Lives!


Safe Pack

2 Taiyo Disinfectant (250ML)


Choice of 2 Sanitizer (250ML)

Shield Pack

2 Taiyo Disinfectant (500ML)


Choice of 2 Sanitizer (250ML)

Secure Pack

2 Taiyo Disinfectant (500ML)


Choice of 2 Sanitizer (500ML)

Taiyo Disinfectant 250ML

Taiyo Disinfectant 500ML

Taiyo Sanitizer Lavender 250ML

Taiyo Sanitizer Lavender 500ML

Taiyo Sanitizer Mystic 250ML

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